British troops to join UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia

Photo Credit kenny1 shutterstock

BRITISH troops will be joining a United Nations peacekeeping contingent in Somalia to help with peacekeeping efforts against Islamic militants, UK PM David Cameron has announced.

Initially, approximately 70 people will be deployed to support African Union troops in their fight against al-Shabab, which is trying to gain control of the country, Cameron explained.

The measure, the PM said, could help reduce numbers of migrants flooding into Europe: “It means less terrorism, less migration, less piracy. Ditto in South Sudan: If we can, as peacekeepers, help to maintain order and peace and see stable development in that country then that is going to mean, again, less poverty, less migration, less issues that affect us back at home.”


Mr Cameron stated that British troops would not be involved in combat, but would be providing training and support as part of a UN peacekeeping role.



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