Andalucian generosity stretches to bone marrow


THE number of bone marrow donors registered since Andalucia launched its Bone Marrow Plan in 2013 has doubled and a centre in Malaga is in charge of analysing and registering all the samples from the region.

The CRTS (Malaga Blood Transfusion Centre) has registered 4,451 donations over the first eight months of this year, 546 of them from within Malaga, and reached 99.7 per cent of its target for the year already, Andalucian government delegate for Malaga, Jose Luis Ruiz Espejo, announced after a visit to the centre to mark European Bone Marrow Donation Day.

Meanwhile Malaga City’s Carlos Haya Hospital, the only one in the province that carries out bone marrow transplants, has reported a total of 80 transplants between January and August.


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