Punjab Palace, is the No.1 choice for clients

THE TEAM: Shahid, Sunny and their staff.

BY word of mouth is one of the most important and most valuable ways of advertising, and for restaurants all along the coast is, most of the times, crucial.

The Punjab Palace Indian restaurant is lucky to have many satisfied and loyal clients who recommend it to others. It is said to have the best traditional Indian cuisine on the Costa and promises a ‘love at first bite’ meal. The ones who have tried their dishes assure us they will stay loyal for a long time.

When quality meets tradition, the result is spectacular, and by adding a unique twist, Shahid, Sunny and their staff have achieved an authentic yet original type of kitchen they are very proud of.

The Punjab Palace restaurant constantly makes the effort to go the extra mile and exceed their customer’s expectations. They’ve created an amazing menu that attracts their customers with their delicious dishes and fantastic value for money.

An example could be the Punjab Special which is chicken, lamb and prawn cooked in special recipe sauce, a delicious and hot hassina chilli chicken, and the Dilruba lamb. But there’s a lot more to choose from!

As for the drinks, Sunny will surprise you with some upto- the-minute cocktails that will leave you wanting more. Other options are the sangria or a traditional Indian Cobra beer. For the young ones, Sunny serves up a non-alcoholic cocktail, like Tropical Sea or Slow Boat.

A special offer awaits our readers: If you would like to have lunch at Punjab Palace on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), book a table for four and get a free bottle of wine when presenting the EWN advert.

So, remember: if you are looking for a unique and authentic place to enjoy a meal, keep the Punjab Palace in mind, they will surprise you!

They are open Mon to Sat 6pm until late and Sat and Sun 1.30pm until 4pm. You will find Punjab Palace immediately past the El Faro lighthouse, the very next small slip road off the N340, set back from the main road.

They are also listed on GPS. Tel: 952 583 594 / 666 435 762


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