Multi-cultural Night in Canillas de Albaida

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AS part of its Cultural Week, the Canillas de Albaida Council proudly presents the fourth night of Multi-Cultural Night Music and Dance to be held in the Plaza (main square) in Canillas de Albaida on Sunday, October 11.

Admission to the event is free but there will be opportunities to donate to local charities.

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The idea behind the event is to create an evening of music originating from as many countries as possible and there will be performers from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Wales, Sardinia, Africa, Holland and France.

The event will be hosted by Inez Leniere and Roger Sparks in Spanish and English and they will open the concert at 7.15pm.

The first artists to perform will be the local duo, Acoustic Roots, comprising of Roger Sparks and Mitch France. They will play a lively set of songs and tunes from around the world on guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukelele. Acoustic Roots will also finish the night off with a set of music to dance to.

Up next will be Fabel y Rayden, a sister and brother act from Competa with Fabel on piano and vocals and Rayden bringing a little American dance culture to the evening.

Barba Pipers follow and they will play two sets during the evening of Celtic music from Ireland, France and Spain.

Originating from England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Sardinia, Los Aquimistas will be playing a mix of swing, blues and jazz, a fusion of cultures, languages, styles and colours to lift the spirits.

Africa and The Netherlands will be well represented by Xenophone, an African Percussion band comprising two Africans and a Dutch couple performing a very exciting set of percussive pieces which will also include some African dancing.

Following on will be Aire Flamenco, a band of three musicians, from Competa and Archez. They play all styles of music, such as rock & roll, reggae, etc.

Biddies que Bailan Irish Dancers (all local) will then perform an eight hand reel followed by a ceilidh where you, the audience, will have a chance to take part.

This unique multi-cultural night of music has been a huge success in previous years, so please come along and make sure it is just as successful again this time around.


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