Hopes for independence in La Herradura

Flickr by Jesús Pérez Pacheco

A REPRESENTATIVE of the PSOE (Socialist Party) of La Herradura, Pablo Ruiz, has presented the content of the campaign launched to request that Almuñecar Council the declare La Herradura as its own, independent town.

In a press conference held at the town’s Civic Centre, Mr Ruiz affirmed that La Herradura-born people want to see their land become a town and for it todevelop on its own.

As reported by the EWN back in July, the motion was previously put forward then and the governing team committed to discuss it in an extraordinary plenary session to be held in La Herradura.

The socialists have now created the new campaign under the phrase “A town and a feeling that is alive.”

Pablo Ruiz claims the La Herradura has its very own identity and the ability to function by itself in the fields of both politics and administration.

“This campaign has been designed to explain to neighbours what the ELA (independent town) would represent: it will allow the area to acquire administrative and political autonomy as well as an exclusive budget to carry out projects for the town,” he said. He then continued: “It would mean that La Herradura would control its own resources.”

He also said that, for this motion to be approved, it would need at least 11 positive votes from the 21 total councillors.


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