Dust-up in Almeria port

PORT: Can be a nuisance for neighbours

ALMERIA is anxious to woo cruise liners and five will visit the city this month.

But merchant ships, particularly those with dry bulk cargoes, are the port’s biggest earners and provide most employment.

These ships load and unload at the Pechina dock far from the seafront, but this isn’t far enough for Parque de Nicolas Salmeron residents.

“Dust is reaching our homes and, what is worse, our lungs,” they claimed. “It is endangering health, particularly those with respiratory or eye problems.”

Their dustbins are always full of dust and they are tired of living with constant pollution from the port, they said, whether it was caused by sand, scrap metal or other cargoes.

The residents have made the same complaints in the past and many ships now use Carboneras precisely to avoid pollution problems.

The Port Authority insisted that it complies with strict environmental regulations. When it is windy they stop loading or unloading bulk cargoes, despite the financial implications, and some dry commodities are sprinkled with water to prevent them from becoming airborne, port officials said.


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