Chileans visit La Mojonera

Toru Watanable
AGRIFOODS: Almeria is a leader

A DELEGATION from Chile was in Almeria recently, learning more about the province’s sophisticated agricultural techniques.

The party included officials from Chile’s Arica y Paricanota region and representatives from the country’s Institute of Agricultural Research.

They visited La Mojonera accompanied by the Regional Delegate for Agriculture, Jose Manuel Ortiz, and toured the Agricultural and Fisheries Investigation and Training Centre (Ifapa).

The visitors were especially interested in seeing firsthand the technology required for growing vegetables in polytunnels and greenhouses in an arid or semi-arid climate. The visit was organised by New Growing System (NGS), a Spanish company that has patented and produces hydroponic growing systems ideal for dry climates.

The Chilean delegation also wanted to know more about the Biogreen project developed at Ifapa which is a leader in the field of biological and non-chemical control of insect plagues and diseases in greenhouses.


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