New nursery school in Almuñecar


TWO new rooms are currently being constructed at the public school complex, La Noria, next to the municipal pool in Almuñecar, to accommodate the Los Marinos nursery school.

“This is a request we have been hearing since we started our term in office, as the current Los Marinos centre does not satisfy several requirements with regard to accessibility and space. After studying the area, we realised that the La Noria complex was not being used in its entirety and so we requested the Junta de Andalucia regional government to transfer the facilities,” said Social Wellbeing Councillor, Maria del Carmen Reinoso, who added that the children will be much better catered for once the works have been completed.

The new complex is to provide facilities for children aged between zero and three years-old in the 63 and 48-square metre rooms, with toilets, offices, a kitchen and several warehouses as well as two playgrounds. The whole project has a budget of €80,000 and is expected to be completed within four months.


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