Rescue plan for the poorest underway in Rincon de la Victoria


THE local governing team of Rincon de la Victoria has set in motion a Social Rescue Plan funded through a budget excess which was, in turn, achieved by cutting expenditure on politicians by 30 per cent.

The Mayor of the Town, Encarnacion Amaya, described the measure as a “financial injection” to achieve better social, employment and education integration for local families at risk of social exclusion.  

The government is to provide these families with financial help for rent, energy bills, food costs, employment issues, education and health.

“We want our town to be free of malnutrition, energy poverty and other types of inequality,” said the local governing team.

The project is to have a total budget of €125,000 for the final three months of 2015 and €250,000 for 2016.


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