Mayor of Madrid cancels funding for renowned bullfighting school

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Madrid mayor rescinds funding for bullfighting school

MANUELA CARMENA, mayor of Madrid, has taken a stand against the Marcial Lalanda school, one of the city’s famed bullfighting institutions, by pulling its €61,200 subsidy from the city council. The school was informed by Celia Mayer, Madrid Culture and Sport councillor, on Wednesday September 23 that the funds would be redirected from June 2016.

One of the most prestigious bullfighting academies in the country since its inception in 1976, the school used the subsidy for insurance and classes. A city hall statement on their website pointed to the incompatibility of the school’s practices with the defence of animal rights.

The funding was considered disproportionate as the school only had 38 students compared to the demands of the multitude of cultural and sporting activities in the area. In place of the grant €800,000 will be made available to reenergise the area’s cultural and sporting profile.


Mayor Carmena has already given up the council’s VIP box at Madrid´s Las Ventas bullring and her latest decision will resonate with proponents on both sides of the bullfighting debate.


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