Game of Thrones to shoot sixth series in Peniscola

Flickr VaqueroFrancis

THE picturesque town of Peniscola in the province of Valencia is preparing for the latest film crews to arrive in the area.

Council staff have started working on local historical monuments to make sure they are perfect for the filming of the sixth season of Games of Thrones.

Peniscola is a popular location amongst film crews, as many TV programmes and films have used the town as a setting, including El Cid in 1961.

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Local Mayor Andres Martinez is more than happy to welcome the Game of Thrones film crew and the financial benefits, publicity and tourists it will bring with them for the medieval town.

Game of Thrones has over 100 million viewers in more than170 countries and it has been said that when the show moved to Northern Ireland, it added £65 million into its economy.

Four hundred and fifty hotel rooms are being organised those involved in the filming.

Modern elements of the town such as metal plaques in Plaza Santa Maria will be covered with wood until the filming is over.

The filming is scheduled to run from October 2 to 6. For the first time in the show’s six season history, Game of Thrones secured the title of Best Drama Series at Sunday night’s Emmy awards in Los Angeles.

The show collected a recordbreaking 12 awards from its 24 nominations, the most any series has won in a single year.


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