Dog rescued by animal shelter in Almoradi


ALMORADI’S Animal Shelter has rescued a dog found left to die in a canal.

A neighbour was walking in the area by Mayayo canal when the dog was spotted and called the Abadal Almoradi shelter who hoisted it out to find its legs had been tied.

Believing the dog had been deliberately thrown in, the shelter has brought the case to the attention of the Department of Animal Protection of Almoradi.


After four days in the vets, the dog remains in the care of one of the shelter’s volunteers and has been named Kiwi.



  1. This makes me weep. I hope you are inundated with people who will offer him the loving home he deserves.
    Sadly I can’t as I travel around too much now. But I certainly want to know what happens with Kiwi as he reminds me of my dog who died 6 years ago.


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