Safety comes first plan for next summer in Nijar

Photo by Rafa Garzon
GENOVESES: Beauty spot but has strong currents.

THE season is over but Nijar is making plans for summer 2016.

Nijar’s mayor Esperanza Perez and the regional government’s delegate to Almeria Province Sonia Ferrer are studying how best to ensure safety for swimmers.

Four of the eight people who drowned while swimming in Almeria this summer were on beaches in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar national park.

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Nijar Town Hall began using warning flags to advise of sea conditions on seven principal non-urban beaches and coves at the end of August. “We know that our surroundings and beaches are a unique asset, which is why we must find ways of offering excellent services,” Perez said. “We are also providing daily information via Twitter on the state of the sea at @PlayaNijar and @Turi smoNijar.”

The area’s wild or virgin beaches in the Cabo de Gata- Nijar national park are prized because they are untouched by development and are less crowded than urban beaches and Playa de Los Genoveses was recently voted Spain’s best beach.

But they are also less safe because they do not have onsite lifeguards and can also be dangerous because of treacherous currents and undertow when the fierce Poniente and Levante winds blow.


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