Petition demands end to donkey cruelty

Credito: flickr by Hernán Piñera

A VIDEO doing the rounds on social media showing a Mijas ‘burro taxi’ driver beating one of the donkeys is horrifying viewers, who are rushing to sign a petition on for something to be done about the situation.

The recording by a passerby shows one of the popular attraction drivers beating, kicking and dragging a donkey while it was lying on the floor and apparently unable or unwilling to get up.

A local resident has started a petition on to demand Mijas Town Hall does something about the situation with the donkeys, which, at time of going to press, has already gathered almost 1,000 signatures.

Meanwhile local political groups PP and Podemos have been quick to express their disgust at the incident, which occurred just metres from the Town Hall building, and have voiced their intention to demand measures to protect the animals.



  1. Absolutely despicable cruelty. No empathy, care, compassion or well-being afforded whatsoever. It looks as if nobody comes to the aid of the donkey but plenty appear to move in on behalf of the ‘owner’. What a horrible indictment of a country.


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