Legendary singer Julio Iglesias to release final album

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Julio Iglesias releases last ever album

ICONIC Spanish singer Julio Iglesias announced on his 72nd birthday on Wednesday September 23 that his new album ‘Mexico’ will be his last.

Iglesias, whose son Enrique also found success in the family business, is one of the best selling artists of all time. He was in Mexico City to celebrate his birthday and to present the new album. The world famous singer spoke at a news conference where he was earlier treated to a special birthday song by a mariachi band.

“It is the last album I will record in a studio in my life,” Iglesias said. He attributes the decision to the amount of time it takes to complete a studio album. Usually taking around a year and a half to record each album, his latest offering has 12 Mexican inspired songs.


This announcement doesn’t mean retirement for the singer who declared “I want to sing until I’m 150 years old.” Having attracted media attention throughout his long career, Iglesias is one of the biggest Latin stars on the planet and his fans will be glad to hear that ‘Mexico’ is not yet his swansong.



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