No officers on duty in Salobreña

Flickr, Contando Estrelas

THE independent workers union SIPLG representing Local Police in Granada has condemned the lack of officers on duty in Salobreña, claiming that the town goes without policemen and women for days at a time.

Head of the SIPLG, Norberto Mira, claims that the current Police Chief, Alberto Sanchez, presented to the Town Mayor Maria Eugenia Rufino, a work programme without consulting with the workers’ representative. This plan, according to Mr Mira, caused situations such as the one that occurred over August 28 and 29 when, at certain points during the day, there were no officers on duty. On four other occasions, (July 4, 5, 8 and 9), the shift was covered by a single officer.

“What kind of services are we giving to Salobreña’s residents and toursits with only one police officer on duty, putting their own safety at risk?” asked Norberto Mira, who also alleged that the bad organisation caused at least 1,024 extra hours for the workers in July and August alone.

The SIPLG has requested explanations from those responsible for this situation, stressing what he called a ‘lack of safety’ for all those who live in and visit Salobreña.


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