Warm, wet autumn expected in Spain

Flickr, Chema Concellón

THIS autumn, which starts in Spain at 10.21am on Wednesday (September 23), will be warmer and wetter than usual, the Aemet State Weather Agency has forecast.

Temperatures are expected to be between half and one degree Celsius higher than average for the season, Aemet spokeswoman Ana Casals announced while giving the agency’s prediction for the weather over the next three months.

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Rainfall may be more plentiful than usual, Casals said, with a 60-70 per cent chance of more rain than usual in the north of the country and a 50-55 per cent chance elsewhere.

The conditions will be the result of the El Niño weather pattern, which Aemet expects will bring more rain than usual to the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.

The summer coming to an end, Casals reported, was warmer than usual with an average temperature of 24.5 degrees, 1.5 degrees higher than the average registered between 1981 and 2010.


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