Safer streets in Marbella


MARBELLA Council has started working to set up new signs in Avenida Luis Braille at the San Pedro Alcantara boulevard, which are hoped will reduce the number of people knocked down by cars in the area, which has seen three people injured and a death this summer.

The combination of an excessive speed in the area and somewhat careless pedestrians has turned this spot into one of the most dangerous points for both vehicles and people.

For the moment, and until the council is able to allocate money for a comprehensive series of improvements, the local government has decided to set up visual signs with lights and another one which detects the speed and informs the drivers when traversing through this street.


“The idea is that drivers are made aware that they are going at a speed higher than permitted,” said Deputy Mayor Rafael Piña to Spanish daily SUR, who explained that, this way, the driver will not only feel the need to reduce the speed but also know that they could be risking a fine. In addition, radars will be put in four different places and periodically changed to catch offenders.

Works are expected to be completed in a few weeks.


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