Gag-law strikes in Pizarra


A PIZARRA man is facing a fine of up to €600 for posting a comment on his Facebook page about the Local Police force.

Juan Carlos Puyoles, who runs a 24-hour locksmith service, explained that he had tried to contact the Local Police force in the early hours of the morning when he went to go out to deal with an emergency call and found parked cars blocking his garage.

No officers were available to assist him, Puyoles said, and in frustration he posted a comment on social media stating that there were no officers on duty yet they could be seen drinking coffee in a neighbouring village.

“I posted no names or photos and never mentioned Pizarra,” Puyoles said.

Yet the next day, he was met on the street by officers who demanded his ID and informed him he would be fined for his disrespectful Facebook comment in accordance with the recently introduced Citizen’s Security Law, known on the streets as the gag-law.

Puyoles has said that he has been in touch with the local mayor, who said she will try and discuss the matter with the police force.


  1. Spain is a third world country with the people in power having a third world mentality, I love Spain but this backward mentality in todays age make me feel very sad and feel sorry for it, a country that behaves like this is definitely not democratic… notice how Brussels shows no interest!


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