Spanish clowns strip off in front of wall separating Israel and Palestine

Wall near Bethlehem

A SPANISH clown group has stripped off adjacent to the West Bank separation wall near Bethlehem in protest at Israeli policy on Wednesday September 16.

The group was fully naked apart from a clown nose and used their hands to cover their modesty. This has caused upset in Palestine.

The group’s intention was to support the Palestinians, however, this has backfired on them as Palestinians have labeled the motive “disrespectful.”


The protestors consisting of six men and one woman have made a statement claiming that everyone is equal and apologised on behalf of the group that they were sorry if their actions had been portrayed as offensive. They further stated that their actions should not be thought of as an attack against Islam and that they wanted to highlight the injustice of the wall.

This Spanish group have stripped off for political reasons on many occasions prior to this, dating back to 2011.



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