Opposition parties in San Fulgencio oppose IBI increase

RATE RISE: San Fulgencio Town Hall has been criticised for allowing a 20 per cent IBI rate increase

ALL opposition parties in San Fulgencio Town Hall; PSOE, PIPN, APSFU and UpyD, have presented a joint statement to solve the more than 20 per cent increase in the IBI property tax rates, an increase and issue Mayor Carlos Ramirez of the Partido Popular (PP) admitted to the media he was unable to resolve.

The mayor said the municipal rise in the contribution was justified to compensate for a deviation in the declining state revenue’s municipal budget, which has fallen by €600,000 due to the fall in the municipal census. The number of people on the padron has reduced by 3,700 residents, from 12,800 to 9,100 residents.

Ramirez blamed the last register revision that unfortunately coincided with an increase in the rate which was agreed by the PP late last year. The sum of these increases is what has produced this dramatic rise in the property tax this year for residents.


The four opposition parties in their statement provide the key to solving this increased IBI and thus reduce the high tax burden that residents are subjected to.

The first step would be to request a reduction of the assessed values of the last cadastral review to the General Directorate of Land Registry.

The second measure would be for San Fulgencio Town Hall to reduce the increase in the rate which was agreed by the Popular Party (PP) last year.

The opposition parties believe that with these two measures, there would not be a rise in taxes and it would remind Mayor Carlos Ramirez, that now there are fewer residents, other solutions do exist in setting up the budgets and that it does not have to be the residents of San Fulgencio who have to pay more to offset the declining state revenues.



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