It’s just a jump to the left!

Flickr by Sebastian Doorls

LUX MUNDI invites you to do the ‘time warp again’ as the Rocky Horror Show is soon to premiere at Fuengirola’s Salon Varietes.

The musical is a hilarious, science fiction and horror B movie-inspired show created by renowned actor and play writer Richard O’Brien. The musical tells the story of recently engaged couple Janet and Brad, who get caught with a flat tyre in front of a mysterious castle, just the night when mad scientist from planet Transsexual Frank N Furter is about to bring his new creation, Rocky, to life. What they will see in this disturbing mansion, full of a deranged committee of Transylvanians who did not want to miss the occasion, is bound to change their lives forever.

A complete cast of new and familiar faces are currently tirelessly working to bring these show’s quirky characters to life under the direction of the brilliant Peter Mitchell, as they learn exhilarating choreographies by the talented Peter Height and outrageous songs not apt for the fainthearted with renowned musical director Sylvia Griffiths. Excited and grateful for being part of a cult-show cast, they are hoping to see the audience participate and dress up as the movie characters if they dare! Dance, jump and sing with them, as you do the time warp again!

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The date is October 12 and tickets are €28 which include the show, transport and insurance, with all proceeds going to fundraising. Show starts at 8pm. Departure from Viñuela (football pitch) at 4.30pm, Algarrobo at 4.50pm, Caleta at 4.55pm, Torre del Mar at 7pm, arriving in Fuengirola at 6pm. There will be free time for supper.


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