Football president Javier Tebas talks Catalunya independence

Christopher Johnson
In picture-Lionel Andres Messi footballer for Barcelona FC.

THE president of the Professional Football League (LFP), Javier Tebas, has announced that the possibility of an independent Catalunya could be detrimental for clubs such as Barcelona FC and other Spanish teams.

The president published a tweet referring to this week’s regional elections in Catalunya and the option of Catalan independence.

“If Spain breaks up, so will La Liga. We hope that we never get to such an absurd situation,” Tebas wrote on his personal Twitter account, insinuating that if one day Catalunya does gain independence, Espanyol and Barcelona as well as other clubs from the region, will not be part of the Spanish football league.

Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu then went on to voice his opinion on the subject, ensuring that the Catalan club “is out of the election campaign; We’ve always talked about sports, do not campaign. I understand that politicians have to. Now the club is neutral.”

In November 2014, the regional government sponsored an informal referendum, which saw a wavering voter turn-out of around 1.8 million people voting in favour of independence.

Fate will soon be sealed for the Professional football league as the Election will be held on September 27, 2015.


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