Don’t miss The Memory of Water at the Salon Varietes

Pictures courtesy of Geoffrey Stansfield

AWARD-WINNING comedy The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson is live at the Salon Varietes and you do not want to miss it!

With a cast of well-known, experienced performers, The Memory of Water takes the journey to the family home of three sisters as they reunite after their mother’s death to attend the service.

As the three sisters make preparations for the funeral, they recall completely different memories from shared events. Mary (Veronica del Cerro), struggles to come to terms with her feelings regarding motherhood and her relationship with Mike (Andrew Gommersall), who is married to an ill wife. Teresa (Maggie Taylor), eager to get the funeral arrangements over with, is a seemingly successful health-food and chemical-free remedies guru married to her second husband Frank (Mike Owens), whom she found through a classified ad. Catherine, hilariously brought to life by Lynne Gaskell, is the youngest and quirkiest of the three, working through her pain using shopping binges and love affairs which seem to take her nowhere. The three seem to have a somewhat complicated relationship to their mother Vi (Bobbye Aaron), who visits the sisters in their dreams for a last word or two.

Under the direction of Leroy Lingwood, the committed and dynamic cast’s remarkable effort shines through. Ranging from hysterical lines to heart-breaking plot twists to touching moments, the play is a must-see for theatre enthusiasts from across the Costa del Sol.

The play will run today (Monday, September 21) and tomorrow at 8pm. Tickets can be booked at or call 952 474 542.


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