Does he pay tax in the UK or Spain?


Q. My wife grew up in Javea and we’re thinking of moving to the area with our two little boys, or at least staying there for months on end. I’m a freelance writer for the UK nationals, so I can take my laptop anywhere. What is the situation with paying tax if we spend long periods in Spain, or move there? Can I continue to pay tax as I do now to the UK taxman when I am paid by UK publications, or would I have to pay Spanish tax?

D.H. (United Kingdom)



If you are being paid well by UK national papers, you should find that your income goes further in Spain for the family basics. If you spend less than six months a year in Spain you are considered a tourist, so you continue to pay tax in your country of tax residence, the UK. If you settle in Spain, you obtain a form to go off the UK tax rolls and onto the Spanish books. You also lose your UK medical care and get your care from the Spanish system.

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