Cat causes accident on toll road near Sa Pobla

Flickr. Tuquetu

TWO people, aged 30 and 24, were injured near sa Pobla after attempting to avoid hitting a cat on the Inca toll motorway.

The couple was heading to the airport at the end of their holidays when the cat crossed their path and the driver swerved in an attempt to avoid it on the slip road onto the motorway from the Cuevas de Campanet area.

Their vehicle flipped over several times and ended up overturned on the road.

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Witnesses called the emergency services and firemen had to extract the woman from the vehicle. After being questioned by Guardia Civil and testing negative for alcohol, they were taken to Inca Hospital.

In a separate incident in Palma, a driver in his 40s was arrested by Local Police after he was found to be five times over the legal alcohol limit. He had crashed into a wall near the Son Banya area, his vehicle then crossed two lanes of the road and overturned. He was removed from the vehicle by a security guard working at Mercapalma and was uninjured.


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