Bar owners on trial for drug sales

Flickr, Reece Meins

THE owners and two employees of a bar in Magaluf are on trial in Palma Provincial Court for allegedly selling cocaine there last summer.

One of the suspects, a British PR, allegedly drew in clients from the street and gave them a ticket. Once they were in the toilets, another man allegedly sold them the drugs.

They both denied the charges, and the PR said the tickets really were for alcoholic drinks as stated on them. He claimed he had been working at the bar for very little time and never saw anyone buying or selling drugs.

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The owners, a father and son, claimed to know nothing of the drug sales but admitted they were aware the Guardia Civil had found six doses of 3.5 grammes of cocaine on the man in the toilets. He was also carrying €435 in a bag. He is also accused of attacking two Guardia Civil officers who inspected the toilets after he tried to flush away a bag containing drugs. He is facing 10 years in prison and the other three men are facing eight years each.


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