Like the Phoenix, Concorde may fly again

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Air France Concorde

CLUB Concorde, a British based club comprising of former captains, passengers and enthusiasts says that it can raise £120 million (€168 million) for what they term a ‘return to flight’ plan which would result in the purchase of one Concorde aircraft and getting it back in the air by 2019.

In addition, they would also hope to put another Concorde on permanent display in central London.

Concorde, which can travel at twice the speed of sound, last flew in 2003.

Their president, Paul James announced that they were in negotiation with a company in France to either purchase outright or lease two aircraft. There is still a huge interest in this iconic supersonic aircraft and the club has been staggered by the number of people who have offered financial support.

Mr James said he was confident a plane would be secured and hoped that flights would commence as early as 2019 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight.

A spokesperson for British Airways said that all of their Concorde’s were displayed at sites around the world and the airline had no plans to fly Concorde again. They indicated that they would be happy to discuss the situation with Club Concorde, but the inference was that they were unlikely to be of particular assistance.


  1. I doubt this will ever happen. Virgin wanted to take on concords to continue with the service but my guess is British airways made sure the authorities would not let them so I would doubt they would get an air worthiness certificate.


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