Winds of change bring a chill to Cataluña air

SUPPORT: Pro-independence demonstrators in New York.

CATALUÑA’S possible secession from Spain is viewed with unease by the Spaniards from other regions who live there.

The doubters include many Almerienses who have made their homes there, said Francisco Gutierrez Latorre, president of the Casa de Almeria in Barcelona.

The members of this association of Almeria expatriates have little or no enthusiasm for the independence moves that could follow the regional elections on September 27, Latorre claimed.

“There is a situation of uncertainty that is affecting all aspects of daily life especially as regards the economy and commerce,” he told Almeria daily La Voz de Almeria.

“In fact, it’s impossible to make business plans or embark on personal and professional initiatives on any but a short-term basis,” he added.

“The elections mean the end of the road, whatever they may say. More than ever we need respect for, and from, everyone to continue coexisting with mutual trust.”

Sorbas-born Juan Segura Lopez, a 71- year-old pensioner, who settled in Barcelona many years ago, agreed. He was a civil servant employed in the courts and was always outside politics, he told La Voz de Almeria.

Now he feels worried by the direction that Cataluña was taking but said that at his age he can always go back to Almeria if things turn nasty.


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