Video footage of latest incursion in Gibraltar waters released


THE Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation has run a news item on the latest incursion into Gibraltar waters on September 11 which clearly shows a boat from the Guardia Civil ramming two fishing boats.

The two local fishing boats were out fishing for tuna; they were tagging them with Gibraltar Government tags, and releasing them under a scheme organised by the Department of Environment, which issued fishermen on board these vessels with licences.

In a statement, the Gibraltar government said that the situation with unlawful incursions is getting worse, highlighting the low-flying helicopters and the shots recently fired by SVA officers in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.

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According to the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, the footage seen “makes a mockery of the statement by the Spanish government two weeks ago on purported cooperation in respect of law enforcement.”

The British Government which described the Guardia Civil’s actions as both unacceptable and dangerous has protested yet again at ministerial level.

A debate on Gibraltar and its relations with Spain will be held on October 14 in the House of Commons. It has been called by the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Gibraltar, Jack Lopresti MP and is expected to review recent occurrences and disputes with regards to border matters and the airspace.


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