Parents protest against prefabs in Velez-Malaga

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HUNDREDS of parents of pupils from the Las Naciones school in Velez-Malaga have carried out a demonstration to protest against the increase of prefabricated classrooms at the school.

A total of 350 students of the 525 enrolled in this school will have to work inside these prefabricated rooms, raising the complaints of more than 300 parents. They have hoisted signs complaining the lack of a canteen, a library, a playground, an events hall or a computer lab. They also say the children have to eat in three shifts to fit inside the room designated for this purpose.

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Spokesperson of the Save Las Naciones Platform declared that they do not believe Education Department promises to resolve the sitation and that they will continue with demonstrations during the academic year until they achieve their purpose: the construction of a proper school for their children.


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