Online poker players are attacked by sneaky card-spying software


POKER players using online websites are being targeted by a piece of code that is capable of spying on virtual bank cards.

The virus software replicates the details of the card and shares it with the virus owner, who then goes on to obtain a great deal of money from the victim.

The crafted malware is camouflaged in the software to help poker fans play better, however, what lies beneath is a ruthless virus waiting to ambush its victim on the other side of the screen.

The carefully designed software also aims to have access to other useful information on a victim’s computer such as login names and passwords.

The root behind the veneer of the virus is simple. Once the virus has been embedded into the user’s computer, it then becomes active when a user logs into a poker website. As soon as card details are entered the ruthless software begins to take screenshots of the player’s card details, which is then forwarded on to the attacker.

IT security company Eset have reported that there is Windows malware prowling in common known file-sharing applications such as PC utilities and expanding in used poker calculators and player databases.

Eset stated that the spyware has existed for several months and that most of its victims were in Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and the Ukraine.


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