Huge drugs haul off Cabo de Gato


TWO men and a woman, all Dutch nationals, were arrested after customs officials boarded a sailing boat off the coast of Almeria.

They discovered 10 tons of hashish, one of the biggest known consignments in recent years. It was stowed everywhere, said Luis Reche, tax authority Hacienda’s delegate to Almeria: “It was even hidden below the bunks and the cabins were full of it. The expected haul of 50 packages turned out to be 358.”

The hashish, which would have had a market value of €50 million, was so heavy that it compromised the safety of the yacht which could safely transport around three tons, Reche revealed.

The operation took place 92.6 kilometres off Cabo de Gato after a customs surveillance helicopter spotted two rigid inflatable boats making for the yacht. Suspecting a drugs delivery, air and sea controls were mobilised after seeking and receiving permission from the Netherlands where the yacht was registered.


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