EWN says bon voyage and good luck to Georgia


As Sister Sledge’s ‘We are Family’ played in the background, we danced, laughed and cheered on our beloved Georgia. The celebratory song couldn’t have been more accurate to the occasion. Georgia is family to us, we’ve watched her grow creatively and thrive beautifully with Euro Weekly News.

At age 18, she joined our production team as production coordinator and worked fantastically in her role. She has been very hard working, loyal to her EWN family and above all, brilliant and like a daughter to us. For three years she has given Euro Weekly News her time, creativity and hard work. The EWN family are going to immeasurably miss her presence and work.

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We wish you a fantastic journey in your new role with Emirates. We’re sure you will be as wonderful with your new team as you’ve been with us. We have no doubt you will excel into greatness and make a huge impact with Emirates.

We love you and wish you all the best.



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