British TV icon suspended after disputes with producers

Vicky Sorsby

LEGENDARY Bargain Hunt presenter Tim Wonnacott is suspended after arguments with producers, which is proven to be detrimental to him returning to the show.

Tim Wonnacott, 62, has been suspended after a ´bust-up with producers on Friday September 11. The well-known BBC presenter has hosted the show since 2003.

The precise events of the argument between Mr Wonnacott and BBC producers are not clear.

‘Tim is very old school and definitely not afraid of voicing his opinion. He can come very close to the line.’

The BBC has pulled in their reins and are investigating the matter further. The situation insinuates that the host is not expected to return to the show and an array of guest presenters will be brought in to fill the presenter’s shoes.

Mr Wonnacott´s passion stemmed for auctioning while watching his father work for the family auctioning business when he was just a boy. He then went on to be a British auctioning superstar.

This is not the first time BBC have suspended a top host this year. Tim´s circumstances mirror the Jeremy Clarkston incident, which took place in late March this year. Jeremy also caught himself in a frenzy with BBC bosses and has not returned to the hit show, Top Gear since.


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