Spanish Royals cost people in Spain 16 cents each per year, PP says

Flickr, Felipe Gabaldón

THE Partido Popular stood up for the Spanish Royal Household in Congress on Wednesday (September 16), rejecting opposition parties’ requests for the 2016 budget for the institution to be reduced and claiming the family costs each person in Spain just 16 cents per year.

The allotted amount for the Casa del Rey (King’s Household) for 2016 included in the general budgets for 2016 shows a slight increase for the first time in six years due to a 1 per cent rise due to all public workers next year.

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Yet Izquierda Plural, Bloque Nacionalista Gallega, Union, Progreso y Democracia and Esquerra Republicana parties have demanded that the amount be reduced by between 20 and 30 per cent.

Left-wing PSOE party meanwhile complained that a refusal to allow a Royal Household representative to defend the institution’s budget at Congress has led to the reduction proposals, but stressed that PSOE would also be rejecting the suggested reductions as it believes that King Felipe has not only put his own salary down but is also working very hard to modernise and improve the institution he represents.


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