Pool water reclaim in Benidorm


BENIDORM City Council announced yesterday that it seeks to reuse water from private pools that are normally emptied into the sewer for irrigation work and street cleaning, in a move intended to save around one million litres of water.

The minister for water resources, Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate, yesterday appealed to neighbouring communities and owners of private pools to contact street cleaning companies, parks and gardens maintenance companies and La Generala before emptying their pool, adding that the water that ends up in the sewer is effectively a waste of a valuable resource.

Stressing that the service is free of charge, the councilman added that the best case would be to not empty the swimming pools at all, stating the maintenance would be cheaper through the winter than the refilling costs and would result in water being saved.

Nevertheless, the city is aware that many pools are emptied during the winter months due to the need to repair damage or solve problems in the water and so the town hall has provided two phone numbers 965 855 116 or 966 815 498 to call prior to organise the free pool emptying services now being offered.

The town hall expect to be able to reclaim around one million litres of water with the incentive, a measure that will aid the water departments in their struggle to keep up with demand.



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