Matas appeared in court this week

Pep Parer on Wikimedia Commons - CC BY 3.0
Jaume Matas

THE former President of the Regional Government, Jaume Matas, has appeared in Palma court this week for his involvement with the Son Espases case.

The former health councillor for the Balearic Government, Aina Castillo, and the former Director General of the Balearic Health Service, Sergio Beltran, have already appeared in court.

Castillo told judge Jose Castro that the contract to build Son Espases Hospital was rigged and that Matas made sure the contract was given to the Temporary Union of Companies led by OHL.

Also in court this week as part of the trial are the President of OHL, Juan Miguel Villar, and the former leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearic Islands and brotherin- law of Matas, Fernando Areal.

They are amongst eight people charged with corruption, document falsification and fraud against the public administration in the case.

Later this month, 22 witnesses will appear in court.


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