I almost began to lose the will to live

CHRISSIE HYNDE: Doesn’t think it liberating to behave like a man.

WELL FOLKS. That was the week that just about took the whole tin.  A yellow brick road journey that slowly turned to red and ended up potholed with so much PC and insanity, I almost began to lose the will to live.

Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs became ‘Seven Little Friends.’ A woman with the most unlikely sounding name of Proudman, decided, a la Johnny Cash’s ‘boy named Sue,’ to extract her revenge on the genre that gave her that awful name. A company named ‘Nourish’ (what else) is now delivering food bank fodder to your door! A female expert in the ‘politics of outer space’ said she was ‘uncomfortable’ about sending out non PC messages to aliens because – wait for it. ‘It may attract the wrong type of alien.’

Barrack Obama said eating a grizzly bear’s salmon leftover was one of the best days of his presidency.  A bank robber told the cashier to transfer the £500 he had just stolen to his own personal account. A charity run involving men dressed as pantomime dames was being investigated by police as a ‘hate crime.’

Europe opened the door to hundreds of thousands of Mid-East aliens and the Labour party elected a leader, guaranteed to keep them out of power for the whole length of his tenure. In the words of my hero, Senor Littlejohn, you simply couldn’t make it up.

To me the only example of common sense this week came from the continuation of singer Chrissie Hynde’s views on feminism. The singer’s remarks, to the almost maniacal exponent of British feminism Jenni Murray, are well worth a quote. “I don’t think it’s liberating at all to think you can behave like a man,” she said. “When this false commodity of sexual liberation came along which made us think we could act like them, it was totally misleading. Actually women don’t act like men and they also respond emotionally very differently to men. It took me a long time to find out, and I don’t think it was any kind of liberation. I think it was more enslavement.” I understand Jenni Murray immediately changed the subject!

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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  1. Greetings once again, Leapy
    and thanks for continuing to tell it as it is.

    Your piece this week about Jeremy (of Tom and Jerry fame) makes the point admirably. Thanks for writing it.

    But the real worry exposed in this week’s EWN is the total contradiction of items published on the real problem of today.
    On Pages 3 and 5 we are told of the efforts being made to help here in the Valencia Community with the ‘immigrant’ problem, but the main item on page 5, and more on pages 6, 10, 67, 80…. report what is actually happening here in all €urope as the promised take-over by Islam progresses. (All of Europe under Sharia law by the mid-century, etc.).


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