Funding is given to aid migrant workers

World Bank Photo Collection, Flickr)
FIELD SUPPORT: Money to fund activities such as the basic needs of accommodation and meals.

THE Consell has allocated €350,000 to get better working conditions for immigrants in the agricultural sector.

The plan is to offer aid amounting to €350,000 to finance projects to improve agricultural business organisations and ensure social integration and employment conditions of temporary migrants working in the fields of the Valencian Community.

The Director General of Social Inclusion, Helena Ferrando, said that aid funds involve running costs of projects involving actions to improve working and lifestyle conditions.

The activities to be funded intend to cover the basic needs of accommodation and meals for workers as well as funding projects to help training and life skills to help migrants achieve their integration into society.

The deadline for registering applications is at the end of the month and they may be submitted electronically via the Generalitat’s website or through the web page of the vice presidency and Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies at


  1. And the Spanish health service is crumbling as much of the rest of the country along with extraordinarily high unemployment and this money goes to help migrants achieve their integration into society…


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