Did you know that ceiling fans are also handy in the autumn and winter?


WHEN summer is over, it’s probably safe to say that most of us aren’t thinking about our ceiling fans. However, running fans in the colder months can actually save up to 20 per cent on heating costs and is as simple as flipping a switch!

How do you do this? “On most quality fan models, there is generally a small switch on the fan to reverse the direction,” says Simone Scholz, of Casa Bruno in Santa Ponsa.

“In summer, the fan is running counter clockwise. In autumn and winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise at the lowest speed to pull cool air up while reducing the feeling of actual air movement in the room.”

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The gentle updraft pushes warm airs, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down along the walls, and back to the floor. This makes a room feel warmer, which allows you to lower the thermostat temperature and decrease the use of heating devices. This results in net savings in energy use.

Casa Bruno in the industrial estate of Santa Ponsa is specialised in ceiling fans since 2005. They carry Fanimation, Hunter, Atlas and Modern Fan – all American ceiling fan manufacturers of international renown.

“In our showroom we have about 50 models on display and we can deliver more than 1,000 possible combinations from stock,” adds Joachim Scholz of Casa Bruno.

The knowledgeable staff offer advice about how to install ceiling fans, integrate them into a decorating scheme, and size them specifically for your rooms.

And just remember, run your fans counter clockwise in summer, clockwise in winter!

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