Backlash over jihadist arrest in Gandia


THERE has been an internet backlash on social media against the Guardia Civil by radical Islamists after an 18-year-old woman was arrested in Gandia, for allegedly making plans to travel to Syria to join the ranks of Islamic State, or Daesh, and spreading propaganda glorifying the terrorist organisation.

Comments including “this boils my blood,” “this is how they humiliate our sisters” and “it is nonsense parading people in the street before conviction” are just some of those which are appearing on social media sites such as Twitter critical of the Guardia Civil operation, apparently angered over the woman being exposed to the glare of the cameras, public and media.

Others went on to declare that this was the new Spanish Inquisition and made references to the Madrid train bombings. Many of the accounts have since been deleted, the comments being detected by intelligence services which have been monitoring networks for signs of radical and terrorist activity.


The judge presiding over the case has sent the woman to prison where she will await trial for her alleged involvement in spreading videos, pictures and comments on social networks like ‘terrorist and proud’ and ‘terrorism is a duty’.


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