Tobacco smuggler fined in Gibraltar

Photo Credit roibu shutterstock
Destroying contraband cigarettes

WHILST Spanish authorities regularly complain about the volume of tobacco smuggled across the border, there is no doubt that the government of Gibraltar has done a great deal to try to combat the smugglers.

A Spanish national has just been fined £7,000 (€9,500) after pleading guilty to all charges at the Magistrate’s Court on September 13 for tobacco smuggling.

Francisco Montes Torres was loading a small boat with packs of cigarettes on the shoreline of Eastern beach, when Customs officers arrived. He was charged with being in possession of and importing 70,000 cigarettes without a permit, as well as exporting 10,000 cigarettes.

According to recent figures released, the main sources of illegal tobacco within Spain are now from counterfeit cigarettes made from Spanish-grown tobacco or due to smuggling through Andorra.


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