Third time lucky in Sineu

Flickr, danielvalle5

A MAN, 20, was arrested by National Police in Sineu for the alleged sexual abuse of a young girl when he was on parole from Palma prison.

The investigation began five months ago when the Romanian victim, who is under 18, reported she had been raped on the beach. The suspect was identified and located in a house in Sineu. When police went to arrest him, he escaped and almost mowed down the officers with his vehicle. He hit a couple of tourists who were travelling on a motorbike and had to be taken to Inca Hospital.

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A second attempt to arrest him also resulted in him escaping and his parents being arrested for attacking the police and Guardia Civil. The investigation revealed he was living in a house belonging to his family and a warrant was issued.

When police broke down the door he attempted to escape through the window, wearing only his underwear, but he was caught and finally arrested.

He is also charged with violating a court order, crimes against road safety, causing bodily harm and damages. He has an extensive criminal record for weapons possession and robbery amongst other crimes.


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