Technical visit to the beaches of Guardamar

COASTAL VISIT: Technicians at Guardamar's walkways and dunes to assess work.

TECHNICIANS and councillors have visited the entrances to the beaches of Guardamar.

Councillor for Beaches Ana Martinez and the Councillor for the Environment and Housing Silvestre Garcia visited along with the technicians responsible for costs, to assess the state of the walkway bridges and the necessary maintenance works of securing the dunes, which is to be carried out this week.

Councillor Martinez said the visit also highlighted the need for the ministry to conduct a full study of coastal dynamics and solutions to preserve the coastline from further damage.

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Meanwhile residents of the houses along Guardamar’s Babilonia beach have collected 4,000 signatures calling for the beach to be regenerated. The area was closed by the council several weeks ago over safety concerns with the properties on the front line suffering from damage from the sea and having fallen into disrepair and ruin. The coastal law prohibited work on them and ruled they must be demolished when the concessions end in 2018, but residents, who have placed rocks in front to prevent the sea reaching the homes, say they have been neglected by the authorities.

The council said they did not close the beach without serious thought and are calling for studies to determine how to regenerate the sand being lost into the sea.


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