Valencia to give €350,000 to Syrian refugees


THE Generalitat Valenciana has given an initial contribution of €350,000 to the UN for the benefit of Syrian refugees stranded in the country.

The announcement was made by the Minister of transparency, accountability, participation and cooperation of the Generalitat Valenciana, Manuel Alcaraz, during a visit to Alicante city; the first since his election.

Alcaraz stressed the need to create “humanitarian corridors” to help displaced people to flee the conflict areas and said they had a “moral obligation to do everything” they could to help.

He emphasised that the people of the region were acting “in an exemplary manner.” He said: “That which led us to the crisis and what is, unfortunately, leading us to address this crisis is to forget that there are values in society that are more important than the wealth that can be measured in euros.”

The Minister also announced that next week an emergency committee meeting would be convened to discuss humanitarian action, involving local, provincial and regional level public institutions.


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