Tourist rescued from the fishermen’s cove


A young German man was rescued by emergency services from the isolated cove Cala Llebeig, known locally as the fishermen’s cove, located on the rugged coast of the Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Alicante. He had to be evacuated by sea after the helicopter rescue team were unable to help the 28 year old victim.

The exhausted adventurer had made the journey along a coastal cliff top path that runs in between the Cala Moraig beach of Cumbre del Sol and the hidden cove of Cala Llebeig, a stretch of approximately two kilometers of rough terrain. A route used historically by fishermen, the trail descends down into the small cove which is where friends of the victim started to worry for the health of the man. Fearing he may suffer from respiratory failure, since he showed signs of extreme exhaustion and was unable to make the journey back, they called emergency services 112. The man is said to have been of large build and weighing over 150 kilos.

The tiny cove is inaccessible by road so the only options were for air or sea rescue. Emergency services ruled out the possibility of helicopter rescue so the SVS Company from nearby Cala Moraig made the evacuation by sea. He was taken to Cala Moraig where he was then transported by ambulance to the hospital in Denia.


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