It may be a cliché but ‘PC gone mad’ as council classes pink anti-breast cancer t-shirts as sexist

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One of hundreds of past ´races for life’

EVERY year, thousands of women in Spain take part in the Carrera de la Mujer which is run by women to raise money for breast cancer awareness, but the council in A Coruña has declared that the t-shirts supplied for the race due to take place on September 20 are sexist because they are pink!

The local council has indicated that it will not give any money to support the event nor will it allow regional representatives to attend to present prizes. The mayor of A Coruña Xulio Ferreiro said the colour pink was identified with “certain stereotypes that we do not wish to promote.”

Apart from the pink t-shirts which are worn not only in Spain but in similar races all over the world, the council also objects to gifts being donated to the runners by different companies which include make-up and magazines aimed at women.

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When the race first started, different colour t-shirts were worn but following a vote which attracted over 90 per cent in favour, it was decided to adopt the colour pink because pink is the international colour of breast cancer awareness and its ‘badge’ is a pink ribbon.

Recently many men in Europe have joined the race, wearing high heeled shoes to get in touch with their feminine sides and to add to the funds being raised.

The likelihood of death once a person is diagnosed with breast cancer has dropped significantly thanks to ongoing research and it may be considered somewhat sexist for the male mayor of the council to object to women raising funds to try to beat what is predominantly an illness of women.


  1. Xulio Ferreiro is obviously not of sufficient intelligence to hold his post as Mayor of the town, I have always thought that having an IQ test should be an important part of taking a post as a politician or policeman in all countries, in fact of anyone holding a post where civil interests are involved.


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