Girl, 9, dies in boating accident in Mallorca

Flickr, Club Ciclista Lloret de Vistalegre
sa Rapita

A GIRL, nine, died at sa Rapita after falling from the motorboat on which she was travelling with her parents and hitting her head on the propeller.

The girl, who was on holiday from Burgos with her family, was travelling in the stern of the boat that they had hired with some friends when she fell into the sea about 200 metres from the shore. Her parents pulled her back on board and got help from the nearby sailing club. A lifeguard treated her but she had extremely serious injuries to the face and head and when paramedics arrived they were unable to resuscitate her.

Police and Guardia Civil attended the scene and an investigation was launched into the accident as the sea was calm and sailing conditions were optimal. Psychologists were called in to offer counselling to the parents of the girl.


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