Almost 40 applicants each for new Guardia Civil posts

Flickr, Ministerio del Interior

A TOTAL of 32,474 applicants will be trying this weekend to pass the first of a series of tests to obtain one of 820 new Guardia Civil posts available this year in Spain.

Of the total, more than 80 per cent of applicants are reported to be male, and more applications have been made due to the fact that for the first time ever the maximum age for applicants has been put up to 40.

Altogether 33,178 initial applications were received, the force reported, but 704 of them were turned down and it remains to be seen how many chicken out before the first exam this weekend, which due to the high numbers will for the first time be held in 21 different places across Spain.

The exams will be held simultaneously in all areas, and those who pass will later be required to take a physical test which includes running, pushups and swimming.

Finally, successful applicants will have to go through psychological tests and interviews before the triumphant 820 start their training in Baeza and Valdemoro on October 14.


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